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[For Monocle, a few hours after the post with Roulette.]
[It's not exactly difficult to tell when the sedatives wear off.

On account of the fact that Clive's immediate reaction is to arch up half-off the bed and scream at the top of his voice.]

Layton! Layton please it hurts make it stop! You said you'd keep me sedated! What did I do, please Layton!

[He's awake (or thereabouts) but he certainly hasn't realised that he's back with Monocle yet.]
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[If Clive had ever suspected that Hendel would betray him, it would have been logical for him to leave Monocle's rooms. Even without considering a betrayal, it would be the smart option. Stupid as it is though, Clive trusts her, even knowing what she's really like. He probably couldn't have left anyway.

Which is the reason that, when Monocle comes to confront him, Clive will be quite easily found in their room.
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[For Monocle, ignoring Home World Plot for now.]
[Valentine's day. Monocle probably hasn't even registered that, Clive is sure, but Clive definitely has. Which is why he's prepared a gift that's very much them. Now it's just a matter of waiting for Monocle to come back to the room and receive that gift.]
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